Chrome n Silver Photography

Our beloved pets are family and as such should be immortalized in their own special family portrait sessions. Whether you are looking for an all-inclusive image of your whole family, humans & pets, or just special portraits of your furry family we can help you with a portrait session that suits your needs.

We will capture your pet’s true personality and spirit in images that are filled with fun and spark. We have in studio and outdoor locations to suit you and your pets style. Even in your own home lifestyle sessions if that is where your pet is most comfortable. Portrait sessions are a fun experience for your pet and for your family so please think about including your pets favorite people as well. A pet portrait session is a fun, experience for you and your pet. Sessions can be lifestyle, in studio or outdoors in various locations.

We LOVE including your furry baby’s siblings, be they human or not, to get that special family connection. It’s always lovely to see your pet and their best friend together. We can work some photographers magic into your sessions to make it an extra special experience for you and your pet.

Kittens & Puppies

Celebration Sessions – Newborn/ Maternity. Pet Newborn sessions are a great way to celebrate your new arrival. These sessions must be planned in advance and booked to coincide with your baby’s arrival into your home from 4 to 12weeks of age is a perfect time to capture your little baby.

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Celebrate Life

We know how hard it is to say goodbye to your precious pet and how those memories you have of them will last forever in your heart. A rainbow session will be a celebration of this, be it lifestyle, sunrise at the beach or Fine Art portraiture of your senior before they leave your side.

Celebrate Life

Studio Portraiture

Come into the studio and have a some fun with your pet. Stylised sessions, or a more formal style.

The studio is a safe environment for your pet to feel relaxed and fully enclosed.

Pet Portraits

Location Sessions

Beach, forest, gardens or your very own home. Location sessions are a wonderful way to showcase your pets favorite past time. Sunrise walkies on the beach, lifestyle or agility at the dog course.

Pet Portraits

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring to the photo session?
I always have plenty of treats on hand, but if your pet has a sensitive diet, or requires a special treat then by all means please bring with
you. If your pet has a favorite toy, or item that you would like included you can bring that with you also. Please remember to keep these
things hidden until required so your pet remains calm and focused.
How can I prepare for the session?
It is most important to be relaxed, and ready to have fun. Remember your pet can sense your moods so it’s important to be relaxed and
ready for fun.
Should I bring a harness or collar?
Unless you would like a fancy harness in the images I feel it is nicest to have a simple collar or no collar at all on your pet for their portraits.
If in studio we can remove the collars and leads in our secure environment, for outdoor images a simple lead can be edited out in situations
where as a full harness cannot isn’t so easy to remove.
Can I be included in my pet’s portraits?
YES of course you can and I encourage it as it shows the loving relationship between you
I cannot get any photos of my pet how can you?
Experience. I have dealt with many pets who I’ve been told are hard to photograph. I find that with a little help from the owner and some
quick reflexes we can get the best out of your pet.

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